DMS Teesside Ltd are continually striving to provide the very best materials available to the market place. We at DMS Choose who we want to work with and our knowledge through the Insulation marketplace allows DMS to ensure our clients get only the very best the worldwide marketplace has to offer.

We are very pleased to announce our position as a partner and exclusive distributor for the UK of the SEKISUI Foam International “THERMOBREAK” Range of Thermal and acoustic Insulation products aimed at the Commercial and Industrial Insulation market.

THERMOBREAK is an all in one closed cell physically cross-linked polyofelin foam that is manufactured in full compliance with ASTM C1427. The THERMOBREAK Range of products have been specially designed with Health/Safety and the Enviroment at the heart of both the manufacturing and in service life cycle of the products.

Made without CFCs or HCFCs, Zero GWP (Global warming potential) , Green Star compliant for VOC , Non irritant/odourless and does not support bacterial growth.

We have the following systems for distribution and all Product details and MSDS Sheets are available upon request with the fully web downloadable version being ready for easy access very soon.

THERMOBREAK LS (and LS-F) Piping and sheeting

LS Offers the benefits of third party certifications including Factory Mutual (FM) and UL thus meeting all the highest fire ratings available today for HVAC duct and piping Insulation. LS has the following International standard certification. BS476 Class O (6&7) – ASTM E 84,UL 723 (25/50) – EN 13501-1 (Euroclass) – Australian AS 1530.3 and ISO 5659-2. LS-F Offers the market the worlds ONLY FM Approved polyolefin product to comply with FM 4924 for pipe insulation.

THERMOBREAK NO-CLAD Piping and sheeting

NO-CLAD offers all the same benefits and certification as our LS and LS-F products with the added benefit of a newly developed Ultra-strong foil outer facing. The new foil comes with a very strong puncture resistant reinforcement and proprietary clear coating which is resistant to UV, Weathering and Corrosion. With the easy cut process and self adhered joints the NO-CLAD System offers huge savings in application times, mitigates the need for metal cladding and provides superior protection against pipe corrosion and CUI by mitigating the possibility of water ingress by also utilising our specially designed UV resistant foil tape. With a density of 25kg\m3 and a puncture resistant of up-to 400 N coupled with its excellent fire and smoke performance (inc NFPA Compliance to 90A and 90B ) our THERMOBREAK NO-CLAD System is far superior to traditional cladding materials and the more recently developed non-metallic cladding systems such as BIP/GRP and CSPE type Products.